Wake Up Sid is one of the most loved movies of its time, and people clearly remember Sid and Ayesha and their electrifying chemistry to this day. Now, Oppo India has brought Ranbir Kapoor and Konkona Sen back as their respective characters with other cast members in an exciting ad film. We see Ranbir as a photographer using the OPPO Reno 11, capturing the moment of Rishi and Laxmi’s proposal.

The ad seems to work well with the audience. Though people have raised questions about the quality of the phone itself, there are mostly positive comments about the ad on social media platforms and YouTube.

Here is the ad:

Using nostalgic movie characters to check the right boxes with the audience and to hit their sensitive spots is a trend we have recently observed in the ad world. Google Pixel India also brought back Anil Kapoor as “Mr. India” in their campaign launched in October last year, and now we have the cast of Wake Up Sid, Ranbir Kapoor, Konkona Sen, Namit Das, Shikha Talsania depicting the afterlife of the characters.

Another example is the PopCorners Superbowl ad featuring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul in their Breaking Bad characters ”Walter White’ and ‘Jesse Pinkman.’ To be honest, it was not just nostalgic but AMAZING to see the both of them together on screen talking about crisps this time around for a change.

Do you think advertisers should follow suit and bring more popular characters to life in advertisements? It clearly works, as we can see in these recent examples, so can we perhaps get our Khirad and Ashar reunion in a Chai ad maybe, or Bashar Momin screaming at us on top of his lungs endorsing a mobile brand?

Which other famous movie or drama characters in Pakistan do you think have the potential to be revived for an ad?

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