The infographics are based on the data collected and provided by Media Monitors Pakistan.

Top Genres Based on Commercial Airtime (CAT)
News remained the most advertised genre for advertisers, followed by entertainment similar to the continuing trend.

Top 10 Advertised Brands
Kurkure was the most advertised with 15,000 airtime minutes, while Mirinda had the highest number of spots- 50,000-in October 2019.

Top 10 Advertisers
Pepsi Pakistan is the leading advertiser for October 2019, followed by Unilever Pakistan in terms of spot frequency, while advertising airtime is the same for both.

Top 10 Advertised Categories
Beverages advertised the highest during October 2019.

Top TV Channels
Capital TV is leading the list with 14,000 minutes.

Top News Channels 
Capital TV was the most advertised on news channel with 14,000 minutes advertised in October 2019.

Top News Channels
Prime Time: 8pm to 12am
Capital Tv was the most advertised on news channel during Prime Time with 3,000 minutes in October 2019.

Top Entertainment Channels
Express Entertainment got the most commercial airtime from advertisers in October 2019 with 12,000 minutes of airtime.Top Entertainment Channels
Prime Time: 8pm to 12am
Express Entertainment and Play Entertainment got the most spending from advertisers during Prime Time in October 2019.

Top Movie Channels
HBO was the most advertised on movie channel for October 2019 with 935 CAT minutes.

Top Sports Channels
Ten Sports secured higher CAT minutes in the month of October 2019, amongst the two sports channels. 

Top Kids Channel
Kidzone Plus secured the highest advertisements of 3,075 CAT minutes in this category. 

Top Music Channels
8XM was the most advertised on music channel with 11,409.

Timeband Analysis
Interestingly, the most advertisements are run during the afternoon, followed by Prime Time.

Top 10 News Programs
Aaj Pakistan was the most advertised news program in October 2019, aired by Aaj News.

Top 10 Entertainment Programs

‘Ek Haseena Ek Dewana’ on Urdu 1 was the most advertised program in the entertainment genre during October 2019.

About Media Monitors Pakistan
Media Monitors Pakistan is the sister concern of Medialogic Pakistan. Media Monitors is an advertisement tracking company which provides monitoring service for more than 80 TV Channels being viewed in Pakistan.

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