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Neil Christy

Neil Peter Christy has two chapters in his life. He quit his electrical engineering degree in favor of a career in advertising. Within a year, he moved to Interflow as a copywriter. Ten years later, he started his ad. agency called Head Lion.

Kayzad Giara

Kayzad Giara currently holds the position of National Creative Director at Synergy Dentsu. As a kid, while other children aimed for the moon in their make-believe rockets, Kayzad was content in his garden, aspiring to be a caterpillar.

Umair Kazi

Legend has it that there's always a hammock reserved for Umair Kazi on a beach in southern Thailand, which he acquired by selling one of his kidneys. He can be reached at

Ad Mad Dude

Introducing The Dude, the audacious mastermind behind "The Ad Mad Dude" on Facebook. Cloaked in anonymity, he fearlessly dissects advertising, challenging industry norms and deflating egos with precision.

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