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ChatGPT in Pakistan – Beyond Confrontation

During the second week of every semester, I ask my undergraduate media students to read a newspaper editorial and pluck out words and phrases that reflect the writer's attitude toward the topic under discussion....

TikTok – Building Differentiated Relevance During Ramadan

  By: Faiza Zafar, Partnership Manager, Global Business Solutions, Pakistan -TikTok As communities across the globe prepare for a month of togetherness this Ramadan, advertisers and marketers are concurrently looking at how to best reach these...

Executive Doodle – Globetrotting Travel Alchemist

Pakistan's potential as a global tourism powerhouse is currently drowned in a sea of incompetence and neglect. As the shadows of mismanagement loom large,...


Client Name: Mezan Group Campaign Name: #KyunKeColaNextHaiPakistani Agency Name: ADON Solutions Director: Ali Raza Production House: ADON Solutions

ROX – Vibe Hai