Surreal Cereal is a UK-based brand that promises sugar-free cereals to their customers; however, we are not here to talk about their product but their awesome marketing. We are choosing to use the word awesome because they are the right embodiment of it.

They hit every ball out of the park with their communication on social media and Out-of-home banner ads. The visuals are colourful, bright, fun, and eye-catching. This is the same company that very smartly used famous names for their brand promotion and became a sensation overnight.

We would love someone from Pakistan to crack this satirical humour for their messaging, knowing how many talented people are getting wasted in the industry. We can go on and on about their creativity, but it’s always better to show than tell. Here are a few examples of why they are doing an amazing job.

Surreal SuperBowl

Countries outside of the US are not as familiar with the Super Bowl, and the UK is one of them. Here is how they introduced the sport to the British…

Childhood and Cereal Combined 

Our childhood games creatively incorporated to hit the nostalgic factor!

Family Rivalry, Maybe? 

Two siblings fighting over being the better child is too relatable. Mike, the other brother, owns ‘Days,’ a beer brand, and this billboard rivalry is a brilliant way to promote both businesses.

No Work January 

We all can agree that none of us wanted to get back to work, but Surreal took it a step further and portrayed their disinterest in working in January through their below-par design efforts.

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Hamna Farrukh is a high-on-life but low-on-energy writer who found her passion for writing after completing a degree in Economics, which is carefully kept in a folder somewhere in a drawer. Her interest in marketing and advertisement peaked while working for Ishtehari, and finally, Synergyzer gave her bickering thoughts a much-needed voice through the platform to talk about shitty ads (some good ones) being made in Pakistan.