Commuters with M-Tags can now enjoy hassle-free journeys through toll plazas without stopping, reducing congestion and wait times, by simply topping up their M-Tag accounts through the Zindigi app. One Network, the ICT services company managing the M-Tag infrastructure and services for Frontier Works Organization has orchestrated an integration agreement between FWO and Zindigi, the digital banking initiative of JS Bank for integrating M-Tag top ups with no extra charges for convenience and efficiency.

This collaboration aims to augment the M-Tag seamless travel experience for travelers, allowing them to recharge their M-Tag accounts from the Zindigi app, in addition to already available One Network Mobile App and other digital wallets. The agreement signing ceremony was held in the presence of esteemed executives from both participating organizations. Both One Network and Zindigi prioritize security and reliability, ensuring that transactions always remain secure and accessible. This ensures a smooth, secure, and hassle-free toll payments and travel experience for travelers on motorway.

Atif Ishaque, Chief Business Officer at Zindigi added: “Our latest initiative is solely focused on enhancing customer experience by providing seamless top-up option for their m-tags. Our collaboration with One Network aligns perfectly with this vision, providing a convenient solution for toll payments.”

“We’re aiming to provide maximum top up options for M-Tag customers and thus we have integrated with Zindigi Mobile Wallet to leverage upon their active user base. By integrating our M-Tag services with their digital platform, we empower travelers to navigate motorways seamlessly through Express Lanes” says Ms. Fatima Anila, Chief of Business Strategy at One Network; while expressing her enthusiasm about the digital transformation of motorways and toll tax collection in Pakistan.

This collaboration underscores Zindigi’s commitment to revolutionizing Pakistan’s digital landscape through strategic public-private partnerships. By driving positive change through innovative solutions, Zindigi continues to empower individuals and businesses across the country.

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