As a marketer myself, I’m always on the lookout for the latest buzz in the wild world of social media and technology. It’s not just about staying ahead of the curve; it’s about immersing myself in the pulse of social media and technology, soaking up every trend and innovation like a sponge. After all, in this fast-paced industry, knowledge is power, and being in the know is essential for crafting strategies that resonate with our audience. It’s like being detectives, uncovering clues to decode consumer behavior and preferences. So, fellow marketers, strap on your boots and prepare to journey through the most tantalizing updates from the past weeks.

Top 4 Buzzworthy Updates

  1. Universal Music bids farewell to TikTok

In a surprising move, Universal Music announced its decision to pull its tracks from TikTok. This means that popular artists like Taylor Swift, Drake, and other major Universal Music artists will no longer be available on the platform.

  1. Apple’s Vision Pro Debut: A New Era of AR Shopping

Apple’s recent launch of the Vision Pro heralds a new era of augmented reality (AR) shopping experiences. The Vision Pro and its rivals are set to revolutionize content and marketing strategies as brands embrace AR-infused campaigns to create engaging experiences for their audiences.

  1. Social Media CEOs Under Scrutiny for Child Protection

CEOs of major social media platforms, including Snap, Meta, X, and TikTok, faced tough questions over child protection issues in the US Senate. This heightened scrutiny underscores the importance of ethical practices and responsible content moderation in the digital age.

  1. Threads Surpasses 130 Million Monthly Users

Meta’s announcement that Threads now reaches more than 130 million monthly users marks a significant milestone for the platform. With a 30 million increase from the previous quarter, Threads continues to gain traction among users, presenting new opportunities for marketers to engage with a diverse audience base.

Social Scoop: This Week’s Hottest Social Media Updates


  • Get ready to shower your favorite creators with love! YouTube is testing ‘Super Chat Likes’, making it rain with appreciation during live streams.
  • Lights, camera, action! YouTube’s 2024 ‘AdBlitz’ video hub is your backstage pass to Super Bowl campaigns. Get ready to binge-watch the best ads of the year!
  • Say goodbye to channel surfing! YouTube TV’s ‘Build a Multiview’ feature lets you juggle up to four games at once. It’s a sports fan’s dream come true!
  • Pump up the jams! YouTube Music is hitting you with more notifications and a ‘Samples’ carousel, making sure you never miss a beat.


  • Blast off into the Twitterverse! X is giving creators a sneak peek at video options for space broadcasts. It’s out of this world!
  • Dive into the deep end of discovery with X’s new topic tags in groups. Finding your tribe has never been easier!
  • Vertical videos are taking over! X is opening the floodgates, letting all advertisers ride the wave of vertical video feed ads.
  • Keep the conversation flowing! X is cooking up new options to sort post replies, making your timeline more engaging than ever.


  • Love is in the air! Instagram’s special mention sticker for Valentine’s Day lets you spread the love in style.
  • Test the waters before you dive in! Instagram is giving you a sneak peek at post placement with a new preview option.
  • The numbers are in! According to a fresh YouGov report, Facebook reigns supreme as the king of social apps in the US. Meanwhile, WhatsApp is the rising star of 2023.
  • Get ready to go viral! Reals videos are reshaping the social media landscape with a whopping 3.5 billion reshares every day.
  • It’s reel talk time! Facebook is flipping the script, showing landscape videos in FY Feed “as reels” for a cinematic viewing experience.


  • Think outside the box! TikTok is nudging creators to embrace landscape format for their videos, breaking free from the vertical mold.
  • Celebrate Black History Month with TikTok’s curated programming, shining a spotlight on diverse voices and stories.
  • Ready, set, shop! TikTok is cooking up a new feature that could turn every video post into a virtual storefront. Retail therapy just got a whole lot easier!
  • ByteDance is putting the power of AI in your hands with its latest innovation, letting you build bots without breaking a sweat.
  • Turn that phone sideways! TikTok is encouraging horizontal viewing, sparking a showdown with YouTube for your screen time.


  • Unlock the treasure trove of data! Meta is rolling out a new program to share insights with academic researchers, shedding light on the mysteries of social media.
  • Measure success like never before! Meta’s new video ad performance measurement takes a deep dive into user interactions, giving advertisers a clearer picture of their impact.
  • It’s raining revenue at Meta! Q4 2023 saw a triple-digit increase in revenue, with a whopping 4 billion people flocking to its apps every month.


  • Dive into the deep end of engagement with LinkedIn’s record-breaking numbers, fueled by the power of AI.
  • Keep track of your ad campaigns with ease! LinkedIn’s ‘Website Actions’ tracking simplifies ad response measurement, putting the power of analytics at your fingertips.

Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting updates, as I’ll be back next week to uncover the latest gems in the world of social media and technology. Until then, stay curious, stay innovative, and keep thriving in your marketing endeavors.

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