Pakistani entrepreneurs, be ready! Our very own Shark Tank is prepared to roll, and we couldn’t be more excited for the economic betterment it will bring to the country.

The rights to air the popular business reality series Shark Tank in Pakistan have been acquired by Grenlit Studios. Grenlit Studios has reached a new level with this acquisition, and Pakistan’s thriving business scene finally has a great chance to be appreciated on a global stage. Grenlit Studios hopes to encourage creativity and motivate the next generation of business owners by teaming up with Sony Pictures Television.

It’s great that Shark Tank has finally made it to Pakistan; the country desperately needed its own version that considers the specific possibilities and threats faced by the Pakistani market. Although there was once a Pakistani version of Shark Tank called “Idea Croron Ka,” which was released in 2017, it failed to stir the entrepreneur industry the way it had hoped.

The potential of “Idea Croron Ka” was not fulfilled because of its many flaws, such as mediocre execution and dull editing. However, its existence shows interest in such initiatives in Pakistan. The time has come for a reimagined and carefully crafted version of the program that speaks to locals while staying true to its global roots.

With a Pakistani take on Shark Tank, aspiring business owners would have a place to pitch their ideas, get constructive criticism, and maybe even get the funding they need to make their dreams a reality. In addition, it has the potential to be a source of motivation for people from many walks of life, illuminating their path to entrepreneurship.

With the introduction of Shark Tank in Pakistan just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the “sharks” that may make a big splash in Pakistan’s startup scene. According to us, among them could be prominent business figures such as:

Aqeel Karim Dhedhi:

A highly regarded authority in the fields of finance and investment could offer aspiring entrepreneurs invaluable guidance as they navigate the complex workings of the corporate environment.

Maria Umar:

As the founder of the Women’s Digital League, she actively promotes and supports female entrepreneurship in Pakistan. Incorporating her as a “shark” could furnish women-led businesses with essential representation and assistance.

Monis Rahman:

A leading figure in Pakistan’s technology sector, he is a well-informed mentor for aspiring tech entrepreneurs due to his status as the founder of

Jehan Ara:

Her profound expertise in cultivating entrepreneurship and innovation using ventures such as The Nest I/O makes her guidance potentially indispensable in fostering the growth of forthcoming Pakistani startup teams.

There are plenty of famous names in the Pakistani business industry who will be perfect as Sharks on the show, but these were just our top picks.

It would be interesting to see how things pan out for the involved organizations because we can’t wait to witness inspiring and deserving entrepreneurs leading the industry.

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