Methodology: This report is based on Google word search queries and resulting trends being carried out by users on Google.

Time Period: January 2020 to July 2021

Geographic Regions: All major and minor regions of Pakistan,  reported by Google Trends

Word Cloud: Word clouds are based on “Top Queries”


Search word:  “drama”

  • Searches for the word ‘drama’ were carried out from 46 cities of Pakistan.
  • Urdu drama was the most searched word, followed by theme song, Turkish dramas, serials, and HUM TV drama.
  • ARY Digital has the highest number of subscribers but people don’t search for it. This may mean that it has more direct traffic/audience and stronger subscriber base.


  • Search word:  “news”

  • ‘Live news’ and ‘news in Urdu’ are the most searched key words.
  • The searches were carried out from 43 cities of Pakistan.
  • In terms of news brands, GEO leads closely followed by ARY News.
  • Other better searched channels include Express.
  • Dawn and Jang have higher direct audience on their webpages. Their YouTube channels are less active compared to ARY and GEO.


Search word:  “sports”


  • PTV sports has very strong equity when it comes to live streaming.
  • PSL also has strong search results.






Search word:  “movie”


  • Generally, user searches include movies that they can watch online. The search term used is ‘full movies’.
  • Users specifically search for Indian movies using the search term ‘hindi movie’.



Search word:  “song”


  • Breakout words include songs like ‘Ertugrul Ghazi song’, ‘Raaz-e-Ulfat’, ‘Kaka’, ‘dewangi song’, ‘Kala ja labas’, ‘PSL’ and ‘Lut gaye’.




Search word:  “recipes”


  • The most searched words in terms of recipes is ‘chicken’ and ‘biryani’
  • Other searches include ‘kabab’, followed by ‘foodfusion’, which is a food portal.
  • Breakout words include a number of cuisines Pakistani, Western, Japanese as well as main dishes and soups.


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