A good tech device with its features and services can help make life more convenient and entertaining, which is why tech gadgets have soared up to the top of gifts charts simply because they are great to gift to everyone, including mothers. Mothers and parents in general are known for their unconditional and tender love towards their household members and family; therefore, a tech-gift, which will easily help them to constantly be in touch with their families or one that, will help them monitor their health and fitness levels should certainly be up for grabs.

This article should help you make up your mind as we have rounded up some of Huawei’s hottest gadgets, which we think, will help mothers stay in touch, relax, and get things done so much easier than before. Read through this article and choose the perfect tech gift for your mother.

Getting things done while on the phone

Your mother does not have to be disconnected from the world if she is busy with her daily tasks. With the HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro, Huawei’s smart, iconic and comfortable pair of earphones, she could easily be cooking while catching up with her friends, colleagues and family over the phone without having to stop one or the other. The earphones come with Intelligent Dynamic Active Noise cancellation, which ensures external noise, is filtered such as kids’ chatter, which might interrupt her hearing experience. Additionally the HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro can be worn for long periods of use without feeling discomfort. Moreover, the quick and effortless pairing process between her smartphone and the HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro ensures she can easily talk or listen to her favourite tunes on the HUAWEI Music app; a streaming service that is part of Huawei cloud services and can be accessed with a HUAWEI ID.

Staying fit and on top of her game

Staying fit and knowing some of your vitals has become essential to wellbeing and mothers are not an exception. The HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro Moon Phase Collection, the latest premium smartwatch from Huawei does not only come with a luxurious Moon phase feature and a premium classic design. It is also loaded with a battery that can last for two weeks[1], upgraded health monitoring features including stress levels, Oxygen SpO2, sleep and so much more which are all tracked and can be viewed on the HUAWEI Health app installed on her phone and smartwatch. In addition to comprehensive sport and fitness tracking with 5 ATM water resistance* and lots of cool Handy Assistant features that will let your mum be on top of her game. Additionally the HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro Moon Phase Collection can be used to displays notification is her phone is not on her making sure she catches everything else on time as well.

Staying in touch with her family

One of the most important thing for every mother making sure her family is safe and sound. The family’s wellbeing is always on our mothers and having the proper gadgets can help them rest assured. Huawei’s lineup of tablets the HUAWEI MatePad Series, which includes the HUAWEI MatePad Pro (available in a 5G variant) supports extraordinary features like Multi-Window[2], Multi-screen Collaboration[3] and HUAWEI APP Multiplier, which are prime features that elevate multi-tasking. She can be on a video call for work, while checking on her children on another texting app – at the same time!

All of Huawei’s products are smartly interconnected with one another and can be used simultaneously to enrich her experience. These products are complemented by Huawei’s Cloud services such as HUAWEI Health, HUAWEI Music, HUAWEI Video and HUAWEI Themes, which could be accessed with a universal HUAWEI ID to further enhance and enrich the overall experience.

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