Once upon a mid-life crisis (which started at 15, because why not?), I decided to play Sherlock in the curious case of Mediocre Advertisements.

Why, you ask, does mediocrity run amok in ad land? Well, it’s because we’ve all agreed to play a grand game of “Let’s Pretend That Made Sense” with the same faces selling the same ol’ stuff in ways that would make ‘creative’ a dirty word.

Clients grin at cliché concepts, tossing the good ones over their shoulders while saying, “Let’s keep it simple: girl meets ghee tin.” Because nothing screams ‘buy me’ like dairy products and forced smiles, right?

Now, creatives aren’t innocent, either. They’re like the wizards who’ve lost their magic but still wave their wands, hoping for a rabbit but pulling out a sock instead. They’re the ones who think the key to mass appeal is a chicken-suited rapper with a sign saying “Sodium hai tau game on hai”—because nothing says ‘eat these noodles’ like poultry with a beat.

And then there’s the audience, sitting on their thrones of judgment, deciding the fate of these noodle ads. It’s like a bizarre food court where Beethoven Symphony 5 remixes serve as background music for the rap, and “Extra Sodium” is the new black.

So, in this circus of ads, if everyone’s a ringmaster, is the show any good? Plot twist: It’s not.

Let’s ditch the script and rewrite the ad game. Pakistani advertising shouldn’t be the punchline of a bad joke. Let’s swap “I know best” for “Teach me, sensei,” and turn those doors of possibility into revolving ones—because walking into glass doors is only funny on TV.

We need to get our learn on, empower people to open up to the constructive roast sessions and build a culture where ‘teamwork’ isn’t just a motivational poster. It’s time to look our insecurities in the eye and say, “Not today, pal.”

The grand finale? Great ideas are a team sport. So, pass the ball, make the play, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll score a goal that isn’t an own goal.


This article is like pineapple on pizza—some of you will love it, some of you will hate it, but hey, it’s my perception. I could be wrong.

And remember, just like the pineapple pizza debate, this article is my topping of choice. Take it with a grain of salt—or a whole shaker if we’re sticking to the sodium theme.

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Kayzad Giara currently holds the position of National Creative Director at Synergy Dentsu. As a kid, while other children aimed for the moon in their make-believe rockets, Kayzad was content in his garden, aspiring to be a caterpillar - because who wouldn’t want to nap in a cocoon and wake up with wings? His simple belief, anyone can have an imagination to create ideas. But not everyone has the ability to look at imagination in the eye and say "I love you; you are gonna change the world someday".