Synergyzer: Your journey as a solo female motorcyclist across Pakistan is incredibly inspiring. Can you share the story behind what motivated you to embark on such a remarkable adventure?

Zenith Irfan: My journey was deeply rooted in a combination of personal passion, practicality, and a desire to fulfil my father’s dream. During my college years, I faced the challenge of commuting in Pakistan, where the traffic can be quite congested. It was during this time that I discovered the practicality of motorcycles as an efficient means of transportation in the local context.

Coincidentally, my father had always harboured a dream of riding across the world on a motorcycle. His passion for exploration and the freedom that comes to traversing vast landscapes on two wheels became a source of inspiration for me and the rest is history.

Synergyzer: Traveling on two wheels can be thrilling but also unpredictable. Can you describe a particularly memorable experience or encounter from your journeys that has stayed with you?

Zenith Irfan: There have been numerous encounters that have left a lasting impact on me. What stands out the most is the recurring theme of the incredible hospitality extended to me by families along the way. One of the most profound aspects of my travels on two wheels has been the genuine warmth and openness of the people I’ve encountered. It’s not just about the destinations or the landscapes but the connections forged with local communities. Families along my route have graciously invited me into their homes, treating me as one of their own.

It’s the smiles exchanged, the stories shared, and the bonds formed with people from all walks of life that make my travels truly an enriching experience.

Synergyzer: Navigating the roads alone comes with inherent risks. How did you manage any fears or concerns about accidents and personal safety during your travels?

Zenith Irfan: By acknowledging fear as a friend rather than a foe! I chose to confront these fears face to face, understanding that fear is a natural response of the mind to potential danger. It’s an instinct designed to protect us. I reshaped my perspective and recognized that, while caution is crucial, letting fear dictate my actions would limit the extraordinary experiences I could have on the road. Instead of succumbing to fear, I embraced it as a companion on my journey.

The key was to keep moving forward despite the fears that cropped up along the way. I remained committed to my passion for exploration and self-discovery, understanding that overcoming challenges was an integral part of the journey.

Synergyzer: “Motorcycle Girl” is a biopic inspired by your journey. Can you tell us how it feels to have your story turned into a movie and the impact it has had on your life?

Zenith Irfan: It was an incredibly surreal and humbling experience. It was not just a cinematic portrayal of my journey, but a realization of the responsibility that came with having my story told on the big screen at such a young age.

Being the inspiration for a biopic meant that I became a role model for young girls who were now looking up to me. What added to this responsibility was handing fame and popularity at a young age. It was undoubtedly a learning curve one that I had to navigate alone. I did this with a sense of groundedness, realizing that the essence of my journey lay in authenticity. The movie provided a platform for me to not only share my story with a wider audience but also to represent my country on an international stage.

The positive impact “Motorcycle Girl” had on the perception of female empowerment in Pakistan was immense. It became a symbol of breaking stereotypes and challenging societal expectations. The movie opened up conversations about gender roles and inspired young women to pursue their passions fearlessly. One of the main reasons why I said yes to Adnan Sarwar for making the film!

Synergyzer: As an influencer, how have you used your platform to promote female empowerment and challenge stereotypes about women in Pakistan and the broader Muslim world?

Zenith Irfan: Authenticity is at the core of my content creation. I make a conscious effort to present my true self, sharing both the triumphs and challenges of my experiences. I believe in quality over quantity, which is why I always think twice before posting anything. Each piece of content is crafted to provide value to the viewer. Whether it’s offering travel tips, sharing cultural stories, or talking about a new dish, I believe that by providing meaningful content.

Ultimately, my influence extends beyond the digital realm. It is about sparking conversations, challenging stereotypes, and inspiring individuals, especially women, to embrace their potential.

Synergyzer: What are your future plans, both in terms of further motorcycle adventures and your broader aspirations, including fulfilling your father’s dream of traveling across the world?

Zenith Irfan: In the future, I envision myself undertaking a global motorcycle adventure, not only to fulfill my personal aspirations but also to realize my father’s dream of traversing the world on two wheels. This ambitious journey is rooted in a desire to explore uncharted territories, immerse myself in diverse cultures, and establish meaningful connections with people from various walks of life. The overarching goal is to embrace the richness of our global community and create lasting memories through the shared experience of exploration and discovery.

Synergyzer: Can you share some insights into your motorcycle knowledge? What tips would you offer to aspiring female riders or anyone interested in exploring the world on two wheels?

Zenith Irfan: When it comes to motorcycle knowledge, I believe in simplicity and taking action. My advice to aspiring female riders or anyone interested in exploring the world on two wheels is straightforward: just go for it. Avoid overthinking and prioritize safety by adhering to the ATGATT (All The Gear, All The Time) rule, with helmets being an absolute must. In the face of stares or comments, it’s crucial to focus on being in the moment and trusting yourself. Riding is a celebration of freedom, empowerment, and the sheer joy of the journey. Embrace the experience, and you’ll uncover the incredible possibilities that unfold on the open road. It’s not just about the destination; it’s about the transformative power of the ride itself.

Synergyzer: In a male-dominated field, you’ve achieved remarkable success. What advice would you give to young women aspiring to excel in areas traditionally dominated by men?

Zenith Irfan: In a male-dominated field, achieving success involves shifting the focus from dominating to doing. My advice to young women aspiring to excel in areas traditionally dominated by men is to enter the field with a genuine passion for what you want to achieve. Rather than viewing it as a competition between genders, work on building collaborative relationships with everyone, recognizing and leveraging the strengths that diversity brings. Don’t hesitate to express your opinions, learn the power of saying no when necessary, and, above all, believe in yourself.

Your capabilities are not defined by gender; they are shaped by your determination and competence. Embrace the journey with confidence, knowing that your unique perspective and skills contribute significantly to the collective success of the field. Success is about competence, dedication, and the ability to navigate challenges with resilience and authenticity.

Picture source via Zenith Irfan social media

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