Synergy Advertising, a leading advertising agency in Pakistan, has won the silver award in the “Best of Pakistan” category at the 38th annual ABBY Awards held in Mumbai, India. The ABBY Awards are a prestigious honor in the advertising industry, recognizing creative excellence in advertising in India.

The award was given to Synergy Advertising for the creative and very effective media campaign that they ran for Silk Soap. During the campaign, Synergy demonstrated its capacity to provide original and inventive concepts that strike a chord with customers, which in turn helped the company’s clients grow sales.

Ahmed Kapadia, CEO of Synergy Advertising, expressed his gratitude for the award, stating, “An award has always been a reward for me and my team. It is an honor for us to make a difference in the field of advertising and work hard to always come up with out-of-the-box ideas. This award gives testimony to our consistent effort and continuous improvement that we give to our clients in the form of fresh and creative campaigns.”

This honor further validates Synergy Advertising’s status as one of the most successful advertising companies in Pakistan. Synergy Advertising has a long-standing reputation for quality in the advertising industry in the country, and this award further strengthens that position. The agency has a track record of successfully producing campaigns for various local and international clients.

Some of the greatest names in India’s advertising industry submit work to the ABBY Awards because of its reputation as a top accolade in the field. Synergy Advertising’s success in securing the silver medal is evidence of the agency’s dedication to its clients and the quality of the work it produces.

The ABBY Awards won by Synergy Advertising highlights the depth and breadth of talent in Pakistan’s advertising sector. It exemplifies Pakistani agencies’ potential to compete on the global stage and produce innovative, effective advertisements that go above and beyond for their customers.

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