Ramzan just started and with it all of our favourite things…the scrumptious heart filling sehris, the joyous iftaar parties and of course the celebrated Ramzan TVC’s. So on the occasion of the First Friday of this blessed month, we present you a list of the TVC’s released so far.


As simple as can be, Coca-Cola gifts us this master piece this Ramzan. With no exposition, no words and no overselling, this TVC communicates its message to not just the Muslims but EVERY HUMAN around the globe.


Surf Excel

This is the third one in a row that so far has been the pinnacle of Ramzan TVC’s in the South Asian market. Surf Excel so beautifully tugs at our heart strings with the innocence and forgiveness in this TVC.


Mezan Oil

Mezan focuses on what it means to be a family and what it means to care for the ones you love.


Zong 4G

A visual spectacle, brilliantly executed! An iftaar across the various landscapes of Pakistan, and how Zong is at the epicenter of it all.


Rooh Afza

Basic and simple, Rooh Afza claims its status as the go to drink for this blessed month and celebrates as it crosses borders into the west.

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