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As originally published in Synergyzer Issue 2 – Annual 2017 – ‘Abracadabra’
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Emerging trends and advancements in technology have revolutionized and transformed the insurance landscape all over the world. In order to become the frontrunners in the insurance industry, insurance companies have begun to invest in newer technologies and digital innovations as a means to providing exceptional customer experiences. Digital solutions are proving to be successful in meeting the needs and demands of the modern customer while creating an absolutely seamless consumer journey.

In a world where the insurance industry is constantly evolving and transforming to cater to the needs and expectations of a diversified customer base, Pakistan staggers behind with only 5% of its entire population comprising of people who are insured. With the majority of Pakistan’s population owning mobile and smartphone devices, insurance companies have identified the need to tap into this opportunity to create and provide affordable, convenient and simple insurance solutions for the ever-expanding customer base. Digital transformation brings with it a set of its own challenges and opportunities; however, its potential in Pakistan’s insurance industry is certain. Reducing operating costs, as well as reducing the risk of human errors while enhancing the overall consumer experience is what makes digital solutions the only way forward for pioneering insurance companies.

In a bid to meet the global insurance industry standards in digital innovations, Jubilee Life Insurance, Pakistan’s award-winning insurance provider, recently launched the Jubilee Health Application that has become the game-changer of Pakistan’s insurance industry. As the first customer-centric health insurance application in Pakistan, it aims to revolutionize and strategically transform the insurance industry. This mobile phone application has been uniquely designed to address health insurance related concerns of customers from the palm of their hands.

The Jubilee Health Application can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store and comes embedded with a few key features such as the Hospital Locator, Claims Information for insured persons and a complaint center that conveniently eliminates all barriers to obtaining health insurance related solutions for specific concerns. With an objective to holistically address customers’ needs by providing an over-simplified and an all-encompassing solution for health insurance related issues, this smartphone application aims to cater to various customer segments and provide quality services, without posing the requirement for being tech-savvy to its users.

With 2,700 downloads and 1,350 registered users so far, the Jubilee Health Application has proven to be a remarkable success in Pakistan. Jubilee Life Insurance has set a precedent for all insurance companies to follow in Pakistan through the introduction of the Jubilee Health Application. Not only has it made a tremendous break-through in the insurance industry, but it also has provided customers with the opportunity to virtually, conveniently and effortlessly obtain health insurance from the comfort of their homes.

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