Bahria University

The students of Media Studies Department of Bahria University Karachi Campus organized a 3-day workshop with Napa in collaboration with ZAHRSSS in the university premises to train the aspiring actors from the institute and provide them basic tricks of the trade.

Revue, as the workshop was titled, registered 25 students who gave time after classes to learn from the mentor, Zakiullah Khan. Zakiullah Khan has been ding theatre for around a decade now and is a professional at the improvisational theatre. During the workshop, his focus remained on different exercises to polish the skills of the students by engaging them in various physical and vocal activities.

A series of activities were assigned to the groups of students and they prepared skits on various issues from education to water shortage to conflict of the media industry. These performances highlighted the talent amongst the students and brought forth the cream who got the encouragement to go towards professional acting. This exercise not just highlighted the actors but also helped recognize the director or writers amongst the group by focusing on the talent of each individual.

Zakiullah Khan assembled these 25 students in groups and will help them prepare a 10 minutes short play to be staged in front of their university by the end of the month at the university’s auditorium. The students were extremely pleased to be provided an opportunity to learn from a professional theatre actor as they do not have a department of theater at the university. Activities like these not just help in the confidence building of the students but help in the nourishment of their talent that can take them a long way pursuing their career.

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