As the year comes to an end for Synergyzer too, we decided to highlight some of the articles you should definitely read and be more enlightened as you enter 2020.

  1. Truth in Numbers: 1+1 is not 3!
    A Senior Representative of M2 Pakistan – a specialized media audit firm, gave his valuable insights on the importance of specialized media audit for growth in the ad industry.
  2. Creepy Red Balloon – IT
    The out-of-the-box marketing promotion that the movie, IT, had centered around Instagram caught our eye.
  3. The Rise of the Digital Sun
    The Digital Sun that is rising all over has had its impact on Pakistani advertising as well. Give the article a read and know the nuances of the rising phenomenon.
  4. Media Consumption Patterns in Pakistan
    Detailed research of the media consumption patterns in Pakistan was conducted by research agencies and published in our print issue.
  5. Samsung vs Apple | eBay vs Amazon: AdTrolling or Competitive Advertising?
    We documented the famous brand banters that the audience loved, from tech brands to food brands.
  6. A Teeli That’s Stirring Up A Storm
    Teeli, literally a matchstick, is a digital content production firm that entered the digital space not long ago but has been regarded highly for its content all over Pakistan.
  7. The Enigma Called Influencer Marketing
    A Public Relations and marketing communications professional shares the nuances of Influencer Marketing
  8. Do Not Read…If You Have No Courage & Still In The Media
    A senior industry expert shared his anger towards what he regarded as reasons for the problems the media industry faced from late 2018 onwards.

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