Recovery House is continuously developing a pioneering model of psychiatric rehabilitation for individuals seeking mental health services in Pakistan

The Recovery House is a project of Caravan of Life, Pakistan Trust with on-going technical assistance from Thresholds USA and is the first rehabilitation institution for mental illnesses in Pakistan. At Recovery House, the goal is to provide individuals an insight to their mental illness, understand how to treat it and help them cope with it , while improving their quality of life, and preparing them to integrate into the community as respected and empowered human beings. It was started in 2009 and has successfully improved the lives of scores of people who have never experienced a coordinated treatment plan.

In a country where mental illnesses are deemed incurable, where poor families abandon their family members suffering from some sort of mental illness, where medical costs don’t really allow the average person an equal opportunity for a top treatment plan; Recovery House is busy changing lives of people deemed mentally ill, because the institution realizes that people recover from even the most serious and persistent mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, major depression or bipolar disorder when provided the appropriate treatments and support systems. Individuals recovering from mental illnesses are able to successfully live and work in the community, enjoy active social lives, attend school, practice their religion, maintain a healthy lifestyle — all while managing their own illness with the support they need. Recovery House offers that support.

The institution offers recovery-oriented psychiatric rehabilitation services widely recognized in the behavioral health field. Patients in need of psychiatric rehabilitation are provided person-centered services that are designed to address their unique needs consistent with their values, hopes and aspirations. Principal Consultants at the Recovery House are Caravan of Life USA Inc. In addition, leading medical practitioners continue to provide valuable advice and technical services and trainings to the staff there.

The Recovery House provides a safe and clean living environment with separate facilities for men and women. A split level, 6 bedroom house consists of comfortable living rooms, dining areas and ample open spaces.  The environment provides a feeling of comfort & security which are critical factors in the recovery process.  Green & natural spaces have been used globally as an effective means to promote mental and physical health.  The green garden at the facility is a beautiful landscape in the centre of the crowded city.

A Clinical Director devises a treatment plan customized for each patient so that they can re-enter community life as active and functional individuals. With that in mind, each treatment plan has a specified time frame.   A treatment team works in partnership with the patients and their families to review progress on a regular basis.  Treatment plans include counselling and occupational therapies, daily 6 hour activities which include yoga, music, cooking, arts, indoor and outdoor games, computer skills and financial management, and an individualized case management by a Case Manager, who helps in the achievement of short-term and long-term goals. Case management continues after discharge so that the patient’s health and behavior is constantly monitored and recorded. The Recovery House’s core philosophy is that the family support system is the strongest. Hence the staff works closely with families and expects them to be fully involved with the care, treatment, and rehabilitation of their family members.

The Recovery House firmly believes in educating the masses about mental diseases and their cure which is why it has a public awareness program. 3-6 seminars are held every year and the institution actively promotes itself through the local media and involvement of prominent psychiatrists, psychologists and other professionals, both local and International. The Recovery House is committed to promoting recovery, full community integration and improved quality of life for people who have been diagnosed with any mental health condition that seriously impairs functioning. The charity believes that psychiatric rehabilitation services are collaborative, person directed, and individualized — and certainly an essential element of the human services spectrum. As it is a nonprofit organization, its source of basic income is the funding it receives from across the globe.

The Recovery House can be reached at:

Phone: 021 345 46364/5/6
Cell: 0302 8260371
Address: 156 Bangalore Town, Tipu Sultan Road, Karachi.


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