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The tech ecosystem in Pakistan has been gaining momentum exponentially over the past year. Information technology-related services have garnered $1.11 billion in the fiscal year 2019-2020 at a growth rate of 20.75%.

One of the leading companies that contributed towards the growth of IT in Pakistan is Salsoft Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. Founded in 2004, Salsoft’s ultimate aim was to facilitate and create an environment that enhances ease of access, connectivity, and digitalizes businesses with cutting edge technologies. Pakistan Export Software Board (PSEB), a governmental body working under the Ministry of Telecommunication and IT, accredited Salsoft as one of the top IT exporters of Pakistan.


Salsoft Technologies streamlines full-stack mobile and web development solutions, digital marketing services, and customized printing and packaging solutions. Their top-tier team of designers, developers, programmers, and digital marketers handles all aspects of businesses and tackle challenges with utmost ease and efficiency. Their teams are unrelenting in their pursuit of success- success for their clients to grow their businesses and success for themselves to be the better versions of who they were.

During the past 20 years in the market, Salsoft has been successfully delivering the finest IT solutions for clients belonging to numerous industries such as FMCG, Education, CPG, Fleet, Automobile, Healthcare, Transportation, Restaurants, Real Estate, Banking, Sports, Entertainment, and Travel. With its unrivaled passion to deliver top-notch tech services, Salsoft has been able to expand its reach to the United Arab Emirates, the United States, and England. As of now, they have 8 business locations, 12 business units, and more than 1000 employees working with them.


The key reason for Salsoft’s sustainable growth is that they value their employees and build an inclusive and equitable environment where each employee knows their worth. Atif Iqbal, Head of HR, stated that, besides providing lucrative salaries and benefits to our employees, we invest in creating a culture that uplifts and motivates every single working body so that they can be the best version of themselves. Through various emotional and skill-based training sessions, Salsoft goes one step ahead to ensure the well-being of its employees. This whole culture of creativity and innovation not only boosts employees’ ability to work more efficiently, but also assists them in their professional growth.


The coronavirus outbreak was direct to all businesses. It presented the world with challenges they never expected. Businesses and job seekers were struggling to rise above the adversity. During these unprecedented times, Salsoft’s team worked tirelessly to support their community. They hired 600 employees during the pandemic and laid down a flexible set of regulations that encouraged everyone to work from home.

Before the lockdown was announced Salsoft initiated ‘Work from Home’ to implement social distancing. Employees were encouraged to seek medical help in case of any corona-like symptoms, offered generous sick leaves for those who have contracted the virus and allowed flexible working hours so that everyone can manage their work and daily lifestyles easily. Our management and CEO conducted regular emotional bonding sessions and virtual meetups to boost up the team’s morals.


The driving force for Salsoft has always been their strong sense of purpose that helps them connect with their people, partners, and clients to collectively enhance their way of living. Salsoft takes immense pride over the fact that their business positively contributes to their society and addresses new challenges with their unparalleled passion for success.

Salsoft’s plan for their sustainable growth is to build upon their strengths and combine their expertise with their understanding of consumers to build long-lasting relationships. This methodology will not only allow them to build a rock-solid foundation for their business but also improve the way they conduct business.

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