If you go through our website, you’ll find multiple Superbowl 2024 ads starring some of the biggest celebrity names in the Hollywood industry. Our minds blew away when we came to know about the rates of airing ads during the championship.

How Expensive Is It to Air a Commercial? 

The stakes for Super Bowl advertising have never been greater than they are in 2024, when marketers paid an average of seven million US dollars for only thirty seconds of airtime during the game. This makes per second air time worth $233,333.

At the same time as the Super Bowl continues to be the most important sporting event of the year, it has expanded beyond the confines of football to become a worldwide event that millions watch. One of the most important aspects of this extravagant championship is the illustrious halftime show, that attracts viewers from all over the world.

Why Do Brands Advertise During Superbowl?

Advertisers use the Super Bowl as a platform to raise brand recognition since the game is watched by a captive audience before, during, and after the game. On the other hand, this exposure comes at a price: ever since 2017, the average cost of a thirty-second television commercial that airs during the Super Bowl has continuously been more than five million dollars, and the costs have continued to rise in the years that followed standing at a whopping $7 million today. This year all previous records of viewership were broken as 123.4 million people watched the game from all over the world.

The ads that are shown during the Super Bowl have become a cultural phenomenon in their own right, generating heated debates on social media platforms as viewers predict the creative methods that businesses will use to market their products.

According to the findings of a poll that was carried out in 2020, these ads have a significant amount of entertainment value. The survey revealed that an astounding 79% of viewers consider them to be entertainment, and almost 71% admitted that they love watching them.

These ads have become a spectacle, and even people in the countries who relatively have zero interest in the game, wait for the ads to drop so they can discuss them. This is brand awareness at its best, and companies are willing to pay millions upon millions for it, making it all worth it.

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