Synergyzer is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and we’re proud to have fostered creativity and innovation in the field.

As we look back on our history, we’re reminded of how far we’ve come as a company. In the beginning, Synergyzer was a niche publication aimed at branding and advertising professionals.

Over time, however, we’ve evolved into a leading source of branding and advertising insights and are now able to provide more comprehensive coverage than ever before. We pride ourselves on being able to provide readers with information that is both timely and relevant to their needs.

We’re excited about our future as well! As we celebrate this milestone, Synergy Group looks forward to continuing our service to readers and industry professionals alike.

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Hamna Farrukh is a high-on-life but low-on-energy writer who found her passion for writing after completing a degree in Economics, which is carefully kept in a folder somewhere in a drawer. Her interest in marketing and advertisement peaked while working for Ishtehari, and finally, Synergyzer gave her bickering thoughts a much-needed voice through the platform to talk about shitty ads (some good ones) being made in Pakistan.