Tapal has come a long way. From the portrayal of ‘Star plus inspired obedient Bahus’ in its previous ads, Tapal has ingenuously tried to challenge the existing familial equation in its new campaign. Better late than never, I guess!

Here is the video: 

In a world full of brands scared of thinking out of the box, Tapal has smartly pushed the established constructs. This is the kind of campaign our kids need to see to understand the difference between ‘Paisa-Phenk’ advertising and thoughtful advertising. It is a very gutsy thing to let the concept overshadow your product, and this time around, Tapal has done it. It has shed light on the supportive relationship between a mother-in-law and a son-in-law, which involves financial help. Rubina Ashraf’s sheepish expressions said it all. She was feeling embarrassed and struggling to accept the help from her son-in-law. The ad highlighted how a son-in-law must go the extra mile for his in-laws like his wife does.

It was about time someone addressed the notion “Larki k maa baap.” This ad has done a great job by not just setting the tone for the brand but also by pushing societal/cultural boundaries. However, the depiction of the lead women as helpless beings was quite problematic and unnecessary. This discredits the competency of daughters as providers for their families.

The other issue is of the dragged script, which led to a lengthy runtime. This might be a mood killer for some viewers, and it might fail to break the clutter in the first few seconds. It is not preachy, which makes the entire concept more penetrable. Coming to the background song, hats off for making this kind of alignment possible. Kudos to the team for coming up with such relevant lyrics.

In a nutshell, the idea was simple yet powerful. This time around, Tapal has done an impressive job.

P.S. Saboor’s overacting almost killed the vibe of the ad.

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