Women in advertising have shown remarkable skill and resilience in managing multiple responsibilities with finesse. Known for their exceptional multitasking abilities, they excel at juggling various tasks and roles effortlessly. Whether it’s overseeing complex marketing campaigns, collaborating with cross-functional teams, or nurturing client relationships, women in marketing demonstrate a unique ability to handle diverse responsibilities with efficiency and grace.

Bloom, a professional networking group for women in marketing and communications in the UK, has recently launched a consultation aimed at addressing the issue of work-life balance. The group’s survey covers a range of topics, including work arrangements and mental health, and is specifically targeted at women working in marketing and communications.

The primary objective of the consultation is to gain a deeper understanding of how current workplace policies and initiatives are impacting the work-life balance for women in these industries. Bloom UK recognizes that concerns about work-life balance have been identified as a significant factor contributing to women’s underrepresentation in certain job roles. However, the organization also acknowledges that most studies on work-life balance often overlook the diversity within the female workforce, treating women as a homogeneous group.

In a statement shared on LinkedIn, Bloom UK emphasized the need to examine the specific challenges faced by different groups of women when it comes to achieving work-life balance. By exploring the unique circumstances and experiences of women in marketing and communications, the organization aims to generate insights that can inform the development of guidance for these industries.

The results of the research will be instrumental in shaping recommendations and strategies to foster a healthier work-life balance within the marketing and communications sectors. Bloom UK is committed to using the findings to drive positive change and advocate for policies that support women in achieving greater work-life balance.

As women continue to make strides in the professional world, it is crucial to address the barriers they face in achieving work-life balance. By conducting this consultation, Bloom UK demonstrates its commitment to empowering women in marketing and communications and aims to create a more inclusive and supportive work environment.

Can anything like this be done for women in Pakistan?

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Hamna Farrukh is a high-on-life but low-on-energy writer who found her passion for writing after completing a degree in Economics, which is carefully kept in a folder somewhere in a drawer. Her interest in marketing and advertisement peaked while working for Ishtehari, and finally, Synergyzer gave her bickering thoughts a much-needed voice through the platform to talk about shitty ads (some good ones) being made in Pakistan.