Political satire is at its best amidst protests and sit-ins collectively aiming at a planned cause. Pakistan being the fourth largest tea consuming country in the world observes it’s demand being satiated more as a result of imports than local production and what good would it do to people’s taste buds than having a touch of sarcasm stirred well.

Recently Radio1 FM 91 and News One distributed their witty cardboard tea bags designed as politicians with their arms stretched so that they can be dipped in a cup of hot tea while preferably enjoying conversation inspired by the current topsy turvy political scenario.

Though an adaptation of an idea that was originally conceived by Germany’s design company, Donkey Creative Lab, it fits well given the political entertainment one gets to watch on TV. Donkey Creative Lab are internationally acknowledged for introducing England’s Royal Family and other celebrity teabags designed in exactly the same way, known as Donkey Products Pret A Portea. Not only has the royal family led to the capitalization of products in England but has also become a means of branding thus being flaunted off with a commercial tag. Princess Diana and Princess Kate are a few such examples.

“Given the current political climate of Pakistan, we thought why not have a tete-a-tete with your politician of choice over a hot cup of tea,” mentions the Interflow Group owned radio and TV channels’ leaflet which also lists the program schedule.

So would you care for five cups of tea with differing tastes of poli-ticks? Some are stretched downwards while some have an upward stretch, not to mention the characters that can be related to the Boston Matrix; some even come with their favorite gadgets such as the phone or the signature cap and also a shiny scalp with a thinning hairline or fake hair. How about some ‘jumhoori chai’ or some other variants of the most admired beverage? There is the ‘inquilabi chai’, ‘azadi chai’, ‘telephonic chai’, or what you may call the ‘khappay chai’. Dip them or drown them, they are now yours to treasure the way you want to.
Brandishing a politically spiced cup of tea is now a true story in Pakistan or you can say, “Tabdeeli aa nahi rahi, tabdeeli aa chukee hai!”


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