Click Zeera, the renowned biscuit, loved by every dada, dadi, nana, & nani, has tried to make a comeback, but this time with Gen-Z (since the old generation of lovers is gone). Click knew that all of its oldies had left the world and sales are in a bad state, so how about finding some young people and doing what the oldies could not: give a cool vibe. Click thought that their Zeera biscuit with a pinch of salt and coolness is going to compensate for everything that has gone wrong. To make it worthier, how about adding a pinch of emotions, too? So, Click mixed all the available ingredients for this campaign and guess what happened? A CATASTROPHE!

The cringeworthy, in-your-face individuality was just too much. Instead of making the young generation try the product, the overambitious Click was concerned more about their individuality than its own. Who cares about Zeera biscuit when you can get pink streaks?

From budget to direction, everything is well-planned, but wait, where is the concept? There is a mishmash of ill-fitting concepts, and the worst part is that none of them is related to the product. This is creative retardation at its peak.

Out of the 4 ads, the only ad that made sense was the office one, where the guy talks about preferring his passion over a 9-5 job.

The other 3 ads were just pushy. Though the runtime is pretty impressive, these ads lack the most important thing: linkage to the product. Like “I want to live my life on my own terms, with an attitude and stubbornness; COME WHAT MAY! But first, let me dunk Click Zeera Biscuit in my chai first”.

The outcome would have been different if they had cared 1% about the product and spent some time on making the whole concept RELEVANT. Advertisers need to understand that Vampire advertising is amazing but there is a thing called relevancy.

If your content is not relevant and it lacks linkage, it’s over for you. The concept should have been well thought out. The two things that made the survival of this ad campaign: budget and talent.

This campaign did not hurt Zeera Plus (Click’s competitor) in any way. This is what happens when you try to be creative for the sake of being creative. In a nutshell, trying to appear cool when YOU ARE NOT is going to backfire. Do what you stand for and highlight your brand values in a relevant manner.

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Creative Manager, Synergy