Ogilvy Bangkok launched Lego’s “Build the Future” print ad campaign in 2017, and the campaign’s outstanding visuals and uplifting message won over hearts. The campaign aimed to highlight Lego’s involvement in encouraging youngsters to follow their aspirations and inspire them.

The campaign struck the cord for the following reasons:

Creative Imagery: the ad campaign showed three kids, each symbolizing their future goals, standing up on enormous Lego models. The three images showed the kids building a firefighter, an astronaut, and a guitarist, depicting what they want to become in the future – building their futures.

Strong Emotional Connection: the ad campaign used the potential of childish dreams and Lego’s limitless potential to appeal to children. Viewers related to the brand’s association with encouraging imagination and hope for the future as they saw kids playing with Lego bricks and creating their unique imaginative creations.
The phrase “Build the future” encapsulated the spirit of the campaign in a nutshell and stuck with people long after the campaign ended.

Awards Received: 

Cannes Lion 2017

  • 2 Silver Outdoor
  • Silver Print & Publishing
  • Bronze Design

LIA Awards 2017

  • 2 Gold Print
  • 2 Gold Poster
  • Silver Print Art Direction
  • Silver Print
  • Silver Poster
  • Bronze Print
  • Bronze Poster

Spikes Awards 2017

  • Grand Prix Print & Publishing
  • Gold Print & Publishing
  • 2 Silver Outdoor
  • Silver Art Direction

Ad Stars 2017

  • Gold Outdoor
  • Silver Outdoor
  • Crystal Print
  • Crystal Art Direction

Clio Awards 2018

  • Gold Print
  • Gold Print & Out of Home Technique – Art Direction
  • Silver Print Campaign
  • Silver Out of Home – Poster Campaign
  • Silver Print & Out of Home Technique – Art Direction
  • Silver Print
  • Silver Print & Out of Home Technique – Art Direction
  • Bronze Print
  • Bronze Print & Out of Home Technique – Art Direction

The One Show 2018

  • Silver Print
  • 5 Bronze Print
  • Bronze Craft Art Direction
  • 5 Merit Poster
  • 2 Merit Print

Adfest 2018

  • Bronze CGI
  • Bronze Press
  • Bronze Outdoor
  • Bronze Design Poster
  • Finalist Design Poster
  • Finalist Outdoor

New York Festivals 2019

  • 3 Silver Outdoor
  • 2 Silver Print
  • 2 Bronze Print
  • Bronze Outdoor

Lürzer’s Grand Slam 2019

  • Bronze Photography – Advertising Digital Art
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