“Have you ever wondered where ideas come from?”

“Perhaps there is a mischievous gremlin on top of your head that throws ideas down at you?”

“Preposterous!” you shall say in a fake British accent for no reason. How can a gremlin throw ideas?”

But then, with a sip of hot tea, my comment back to you would be, “You are asking the wrong question, good sir.. the question is not how the gremlin can throw ideas into the brain; the question is how does the gremlin have his own ideas, to throw the ideas into your brain?”

During this conversation, the brain is absolutely disgusted by the fact that its faculties are not being used to the fullest potential and instead, this conversation is getting its army of brain cells rioting over the insult. The insult being that it is a gremlin and not the brain itself that is giving the ideas in the first place.

The brain goes to his brain cells and proceeds to give an inspiring speech.

“My fellow brain cells and synapses. I understand your frustration over this significant issue of our master thinking that there is a gremlin giving the ideas and not you but rest assured, this foolishness will end tonight. I will bring a stop to it. For it is we that bring the ideas into reality and creativity into existence; it is us that take out references from past experiences and traumas to bring meaning, solutions and sleepless nights.

Tonight, we are going to have revenge for this insult. Prepare the nightmare for tonight’s sleep, and the storyline will be of master running from 1000 rabid gremlins… also add clowns; master is afraid of clowns.”

As the brain orders the nightmares and finishes his speech, all the brain cells cheer out of joy with great enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, in the corner, we see the heart silently watching, and a single tear rolls down its artery.

“Insignificant @#%&%$” He curses something inaudible under his breath. “They wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for me, I am the birth of ideas and everything that is within this body. I am the soul, the beater of the drum of life, how dare they take all the credit? The ideas I give come from the heart. From my feelings, from my empathy. If I stop so does the world, for I am powerful.”

The brain overhears the heart talking to itself and looks at him, “You can’t feel anything; you have no feelings, I am the one who makes things feel.”

While the internal struggles are going on, we go back into reality, where the real conversation is taking place with you.

We have come to the conclusion that the gremlin is probably invisible and from another dimension and is throwing ideas down at the most unusual time in sync with bowel movements.

“I knew it!!! I always knew it!!!” The stomach wakes up with a roar… “It’s me! I’m the most important, the world rotates around me. Make me angry, and you will see my wrath, empty me and ideas will flow. I create the ideas. I am the holy conduit from which the ideas flow.”

Brain and heart are thoroughly disgusted by that notion, and ignoring the stomach, they go back to their own discord. “Look, I might not be able to feel, but in pop culture, I’m the most prominent, I even have a day in February dedicated to my greatness.” Says the heart as he taps himself in a perfect metronomic beat.

The brain thinks for a moment and replies, “But if I stop, who will remind you to beat? And so, I am superior, besides… you know about my um…. Ahem… other half?”

“You mean the subconscious? That 90 percent that is always meditating and thinks it is from a higher plane of existence and too cool to interact with us?” the heart replies skeptically.

The brain panics, “ssh sshh not so loud you useless red drum, don’t want to wake him. I don’t even know why he exists; all I know is that he’s huge.”

“So, what does he do exactly?” Asks the heart curiously while snapping fingers as if keeping in time with some song.

The brain replies, “Apparently… it brings more questions than answers into existence. It has the power to rule life itself.”

“Ooh boy ooh boy let’s wake him up,” the heart gets excited.

“Don’t you dare, I am just 10 percent in front of it, its potential is endless.” Quickly responds the brain.

“Then why does it keep sleeping?” Asks the heart.

“Because the master talks about gremlins giving ideas.”

They both nod in mutual understanding.

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Kayzad Giara currently holds the position of National Creative Director at Synergy Dentsu. As a kid, while other children aimed for the moon in their make-believe rockets, Kayzad was content in his garden, aspiring to be a caterpillar - because who wouldn’t want to nap in a cocoon and wake up with wings? His simple belief, anyone can have an imagination to create ideas. But not everyone has the ability to look at imagination in the eye and say "I love you; you are gonna change the world someday".