Lahore, January 29, 2019: CarFirst, Pakistan’s leading online used-car auction and trading platform, launched itself in 2013, which grew tremendously in 2018. Based on its success, the company was able to secure its second-round funding from Frontier Car Group and the OLX Group in May 2018.

Strategically investing its funds, CarFirst focused on its three main components: operations, innovation and services, in order to ensure growth. Under operations, CarFirst focused on expansion of the business by opening six Purchase Centres at commercial hubs in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad in 2018. It also launched Pakistan’s first all-female staff Purchase Center in Lahore, which caters to the consumer demands, run by female purchase center manager and Female inspection specialist.

Furthermore, CarFirst developed new technologies with the sole purpose of changing the way of trade of used cars in Pakistan. It set a new benchmark in innovation by launching Pakistan’s first live auction platform. It also developed its algorithm that estimates a fair market-price of a used car based on an inspection report along with various other tech-based tools, which aid in accurately diagnosing a car at the time of inspection.

Lastly, in terms of services, CarFirst focused on responding to its strong customer demands by launching Car Bazaar, Dost Program, Financing and Insurance Services. It also launched its Car Diagnostic Apprenticeship Program to develop technical skills for university students.

As of now, CarFirst employs over 200 people with twenty-three purchase centers across Pakistan. Planning to expand further in 2019, its aim is to revolutionize the way cars are traded in Pakistan by offering comprehensive solutions related to automobiles, such as evaluation, certification, financing, insurance, live auctions, etc. The company aims to keep adding value across the customer’s journey, improving efficiency and transparency at every milestone of the car trading process.


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