Insights into the present-day consumer’s path-to-purchase when it comes to smartphones, skincare and apparel.


As digital platforms, such as search engines, social media, e-commerce marketplaces, mobile apps, and brand websites have become more used by Pakistanis; their impact on how Pakistani shoppers navigate their path to purchasing products has dramatically changed.

To better understand the transformation of the shopping journey of everyday Pakistani consumers, Google partnered with leading research firms, Ipsos and Quantum, to study this evolving path to purchase. The findings reveal how digital platforms have disrupted the traditional path to purchase for Pakistani shoppers and how brands can tap into these shifts to prepare for the future of e-commerce.

Google Search
Google Search is the Go-to platform for most Pakistani shoppers to learn about products
In other words, there are more opportunities to influence a consumer on Google Search during their path to purchase.

Number of sessions carried out is more versus any other digital platform.


Google Search acts like the glue of the shopping journey. In 4 weeks prior to purchase, Pakistani shoppers recalled ads more times versus other digital platforms.

Pakistani’s intentionally come to YouTube to learn about the products so they are more receptive to ads in these moments.



  • Digital tools have transformed the pre-purchase shopping journey for Pakistani shoppers
  • More Pakistanis learn about products online, not in store.
  • Google Search is the glue that holds the shopping journey together.
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