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CEO Head Lion
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Har Cringe Fest Ki Liyay JazzCash Hai Na! 

After seeing the ad, this is how I imagined the brief was given.

The marketing manager suddenly disappeared. The manager reappeared after four weeks and called a press conference. The manager renounced any marketing knowledge and declared they would no longer be associated with JazzCash. They distanced themselves from the existing marketing team, blaming them for everything, including kickbacks from their advertising agency. During the conference, they mention that they vanished for retrospection of their own free will. They realized that songs and dances with juvenile lyrics would save the brand. Insights, data, research, and basics of branding were unimportant. Now, the best way forward for the Marketing Manager was to join a group that believed in mediocrity and the mundane.

Oh, and the press conference was held in Bangkok.

It’s been a decade since I left Pakistan, and nothing has changed, at least in the advertising industry.

Kiran Zahid
Manager Strategy, Marketing

A mishmash of pop-culture references—Harry Potter, Servis Shoes, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, and the Hai Na Bolo song.

Fahad Mustafa’s entrance is predictable, but you don’t expect it to be this over-the-top. The street he’s dancing in looks like Diagon Alley from Harry Potter. The character’s intro came from the infamous Servis ad, the jingle from Hai Na Bolo, and dancing on the car from several Bollywood movies.

While integrating pop culture isn’t a bad idea, this ad lacks tasteful execution, especially with a lengthy runtime of 1:20. The jingle revival from the 90s is a nice touch, though not stellar. But it’s still a thousand times better than their Radio ad.

The only decent thing about this entire campaign was the client’s media spending. Cause I’m seeing the ad everywhere: TV, Digital, and Radio. This can be great if the campaign is good, but it can become annoying really quickly if the execution is crass.

Question: What’s up with Fahad Mustafa?

Umeed Malik
Creative Executive
Synergy Group

The ad effectively spotlights JazzCash’s convenience in Pakistan, resonating across generations from grandparents to Chotu. The infectious repetition of “JazzCash Hai Na” solidifies its catchiness, seamlessly merging entertainment, relatability, and product utility. A strategic move unfolds as the ad underscores JazzCash’s versatility, emphasizing its ease for users across diverse mobile networks like Ufone, Zong, Telenor, etc. This is quite a new perspective for a brand to say. With a goal to leave a lasting impression, the ad establishes JazzCash as a household name for financial ease.

However, the ad’s visual appeal stumbles in post-production, evident in poorly executed scenes featuring inexplicable thunderstorm clouds over an outdoor café, lacking context and feeling contrived. Fahad Mustafa’s attempt at coolness for celebrity endorsement feels forced, with charismatic dance moves seeming more like distractions from the ad’s inherent shortcomings. While Pakistan’s industry has seen its fair share of dancing, singing, and jingles, the realm of musicals brings a fresh and visually captivating perspective that sets it apart in today’s dynamic market.

Saman Ali
Synite Digital

JazzCash is back with a vibe that screams I got you covered bestie, calling itself the ultimate sidekick in this cashless game, and they’re shouting it out loud with JazzCash HAI NA!

For those instant cash crises that happen when you least expect them. Picture this: you’re a young hustler, always on the move, and bam! You accidentally meet Mr. Challan on the road. Wallet situation? Empty. But worry no more; JazzCash is here to rescue you from the awkward ‘out of cash’ dance.

They’re selling us the idea that online payments are as easy and enjoyable as they look in the ad. Seamless and fun? Sign me up!

What caught my eye is how they’re throwing the net wide at their target audience, from young adults to the elderly. JazzCash wants everyone on board. The mix of ages in the ad tells a story of inclusivity.

Talking of their narrative, in a world full of mobile wallets, JazzCash is trying to stand out, playing ball with the big boys like Ufone, Zong, and Telenor. It’s like they’re saying, Hey, we can all coexist and make lives easier. Never have I ever seen such a great initiative by a brand that already has grand brand positioning, a brand not just flexing on others but giving a nod to the competition. Kudos to them for the refreshing vibe.

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