Mercedes-Benz latest ad for CLA Coupé is a short film that begins with a carefree teenager the stark opposite of what he becomes as he grew older. The man meets his teenage self raiding his fridge. The teenage self is horrified at the monotonous and boring life the man is living. He is unable to process how he will turn into a man who does not listen to loud music, who only focuses on work, listen to stock reports and even passes on dates because office romances are not allowed. In short, the two are not able to connect on anything.

As the teenage self of the man almost has a meltdown trying to process it all, they suddenly find common ground. CLA Coupé allows them to connect as the teenager realizes that the old self can choose to be not boring and play by his rules when he drives CLA Coupé. Satisfied, the teenage self disappears and the man has the epiphany about how he can rekindle his old nature through his car. The film ends with the man’s potential date, office colleague also meets her teenage self lurking in the kitchen.

The campaign’s tagline is #PlaybyYourRules. And through this tagline, they say they are promoting individuality.

The ad was directed by Francis Rousselet and Agency Antoni Garage was behind the campaign idea.

Watch the short film below.

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Compiled by Mehak Zehra

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