What is Arc N Arts all about?

Arc N Arts is an interior design and decoration hub that collaborates with new talent in the industry to bring innovative and exciting design concepts to the market. We promote upcoming interior designers, decorators, and artists through commission-based client projects.

Artists come to us with a proposal or a project and we provide them with a complete set-up to carry it out under our company name, while crediting them as Lead Designers at Arc N Arts.

Why did you decide to start a space like this?

The need for such a platform was already there, however, no one had really thought it through. We were able to do it due to two main reasons: 1) We wanted to promote the prestige and scope of arts and design, and 2) we understand the plight of fresh graduates looking for a platform for their ideas, talents and skills.

When I was researching for this project, a lot of artists that I spoke to – who were quite talented – pointed out that in job environments, talented artists are limited and often exploited. They are not able to work at full capacity and do not get paid enough for their talents. We created this space to provide opportunities to those who are talented and want to use their talents in a free environment.

Who will benefit from this? What range of creative arts are you catering to?

We work with individuals who have new ideas and the capability to bring something new to the market. However, being a startup, our focus at the moment is to work with designers, decorators, artists, and writers who are looking to create an identity for themselves, but lack a platform.
Therefore, it is a win-win situation for all of us. They get the exposure and training, and we get innovative ideas to further our clientele.

What kind of training are you imparting to artists associated with Arc N Arts?

Our focus is to provide them with the necessary technical training related to their field of choice, whether it is decorating or designing. As for upcoming artists, we have an experienced artist who will guide them and hone their skills as well as impart the right strategy for them to grow.

How are training needs different for people who are starting their careers versus those who are experienced?

Newcomers who are just starting their careers require not just skills, but also the technical know-how to establish themselves. We work with them and assist them with their projects by providing them with a complete set-up which includes 3D designers, laborers, and a separate dedicated space.

As for those more experienced, there is always an opportunity to learn and grow even more. With them, not only do we provide the complete set-up, but we also collaborate on different projects with them.

How has this been beneficial till now?

The response has been phenomenal and far better than we expected. Fresh graduates who wanted to work in this field, but did not have a dedicated set-up and team are approaching us with client projects. With their ideas as well as our team and skills, we have successfully completed several projects including interiors for a café, and have more lined up.

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