Nurpur TVC

As originally published in Synergyzer Issue 3 – 2018

Although a host of campaigns are created, very few leave their mark with their brilliant concept, immaculate execution, and superb visual strategy.

So what is it that makes one campaign a success story and another, a tale of disaster? To assess the causes that determine the fate of a concept, we took critical evaluations from marketing and advertising professionals on the Nurpur Full Cream Milk TV commercial.

Before we jump to the evaluations, here is the TVC:


Following is their analysis on how they view it:

Zahra Fatima Ali – Planning Director, OGILVY PAKISTAN

The Nurpur ads have raised the bar and established the fact that Pakistani advertising can have brilliant food shots. Both their campaigns do not fall into the usual traps of contrived and predictable food shots and show that Nurpur has revamped itself to suit contemporary tastes, homes, and lifestyles.

While Nurpur may be a heritage brand that we have grown up with, it now also feels like a brand that we can take forward as we move ahead in life. Although, if Nurpur limits itself to this achievement, it would be a disappointment. The brand seems to have the potential to stand for more than just beautiful and tempting food shots which can soon become a redundant technique used by many. It is like the phrase; beauty is only skin deep. Beautiful shots can get one’s attention for some time but what needs to follow are the values and ethos of the brand, and what emotional chords it can strike with the person who cooks.

For instance, Lurpak is a brand that shows great food shots built around a story that really makes cooking with it a magical experience. It brings out all the emotions that one could conjure around food and dairy, while still keeping the product as the hero. We hope to see Nurpur continue to set standards for brand building for the long-term and work on their storytelling.

Nadia Rasool – Associate Creative Director, PIRANA GROUP

Kudos to Nurpur and the team involved for giving us a fresh visual treat and adopting a well-executed nationalistic approach.

Although it’s an extension of the uniquely done launch ad released two years back, with a catchy symphonic music score and mesmerizing product shots, I was expecting some innovation this time around too.

The fact that there’s no surprise – IS A SURPRISE!

Junaid Wasti – Brand Manager, PERIDOT PRODUCTS

I find this Nurpur ad better than the first one with improved visualization techniques including animation, and a well-executed message. The intelligent use of culturally significant music makes it more appealing while giving it a very Pakistani touch too.

I also observed Rooh Afza getting some mileage with its typical bottle shape appearing in one of the shots. Overall, a good piece of communication with a mixture of emotional and functional appeal uplifting the positioning of the brand. Thumbs up!

Shariq Mushir – Technical Director VFX, Animation & Post, THE SPHINX FACTOR

I really like the positive message at the start of the ad; a mother preparing breakfast for her full-of-life and excited kids who are helping her. The rest of the shots also have a nice build up. I like how the food has been shot up and close, particularly the shots that show the liquids being mixed.

Overall the ad has a clean and upmarket feel with spot on production values. The soundtrack enforces the pure Pakistaniat of the brand with its nice desi music and arrangement. If the intention was to reflect the purity of milk, the bright colorful film with no visible flaws has pretty much achieved it.

The only miss was the ending: The soundtrack should have been there for one more second and the ending frame could have been better, maybe showing the daughter smiling.

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