Some of the strongest recalls of my childhood are the advertisements that used to run on television, especially the jingles. It was something about them that left somewhat of a mark, not only on my memory but also in my life, as today, I am a creative working in the field of advertising where creativity is key. Let me ask you readers which one ad or jingle has stuck with you after all these years… rattle your brains for a moment and think.

I believe advertisements are more than mere films or digital activity of print. Since the beginning, they have held a greater purpose, which is ‘to influence’. When you watch an ad, it immediately creates an influence on you which could either be good or bad. If the ad is appealing enough, the viewer is automatically drawn towards acquiring the products or services of that particular brand; but if it is bad, then it will either be shot down with backlash or just not given any importance at all (though good and bad too, it varies upon perception). In simple words, we advertisers hold the key to influence the greater population of our country with our work. When you think about it, it’s actually pretty interesting. What could be greater than having such a glorious opportunity of shaping the minds of tomorrow?

We, as advertisers, are not just selling a product or creating recall for a brand; we are responsible for the majority of the decisions people take when it comes to their lifestyles, choices and behaviour. That is somewhat the essence of advertising. It is now up to us to decide whether we want to produce campaigns with a ‘viral factor’ and the potential to mint quick money for a set time duration or we give birth to ads that have the power to spread positive influence and a powerful message for generations to come.

Creativity is one of the key pillars that make advertising look like the shining star that we see it as. It is the simple copy and the magic of visuals that does wonders for those who experience it. For us, it’s like having the power to command the minds of those around us, but with great power comes great responsibility. It is our duty as leaders while playing our parts in this beautiful institution we call advertising, to create ads with a sense of mindfulness and ownership. The message we convey to our audience has a great impact on their minds, especially those who belong to the younger generation, as their mentality is being shaped in a certain way through these ads. Producing good ads is similar to providing a child with a good upbringing; it sticks with you and helps you grow into an individual with your own identity and thought process.

In the race that we all run today, it often becomes a task to connect with one’s own creative thought process. This can happen due to many reasons, but the real question is how does one reconnect? How does one stop worrying about having to put in extra effort every time a task is at hand because maybe, you are no longer enjoying the process?

To tell you the truth, I think it happens when work becomes your first priority, and you yourself take a back seat towards the second. As hard as it is to write these words, it’s true. The reason I would like to acknowledge this is that most of the time, we creatives do this subconsciously. Not making yourself the first priority takes a huge hit on our daily lives whether we like it or not, and over time, most people don’t even realize that it has become a part of their nature and their work has taken the front seat in your life even though your life is your own. You are the main character in your life, and when you stop treating yourself in that manner, nothing makes sense. Things start falling apart, whether it be your ideas or your morale.

To all my fellow creatives out there, you are the mind behind this creativity, but how do you expect it to function or produce even a single caption when you have been neglecting your own self? Sometimes I feel it is the mind’s way of getting back at us, and interestingly, it feels as if we can’t do anything about it. We can!

As cliché as it might sound, I’m still going to say this, put yourself first. The beauty of creativity is that it resides within us, which means only we can unlock it, or as I like to say it, unleash it! Creativity isn’t a button that can be pressed. Instead, it is like a child waiting to be nurtured, trained and loved. It is only then that you feel one with yourself, and your creativity rockets into the sky and shines bright like the fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

There are many ways of unlocking your creativity, as it varies from person to person, but the basics of it are the same. In order to grow something, you have to give it the right resources and time, so it becomes polished into the best version of itself; the same goes in this case. Things that you might not be doing because you feel that you don’t have the time or might be a waste of your time are actually the factors that hold power to inspire your creativity. Anything could ignite a spark and lead to greatness.

Some of you might be thinking it is easier said than done. And I don’t disagree with you, which is why I have personally made small changes in my life that have had a positive impact on me mentally and physically. Whether it be to make sure I take a lunch break and not skip my afternoon meal or be mindful about drinking water constantly, as it would affect my mind and health, I do it. These are very small things, but they will make a greater impact with time. The key is consistency. Exhaustion takes over and blocks creativity because you feel trapped in your own head, unable to connect with the thought process and makes you stand out.

Creatives are a different set of creatures. They think; differently, they work different, they move differently, and they create differently. I am one of them, and a proud one at that. Give yourself the time that has been long overdue, and if there isn’t, find a way. Creativity lies within you, and no one knows you better than yourself.

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