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As originally published in Synergyzer Issue 2 – 2016

Kundanz Media Group was established in the Year 2004 and is one of the pioneers in Cable Industry. The entrepreneurs started with one small organization called Kundanz Advertising and now have expanded into a group of five companies.


Kundanz’s specializes in planning, buying and exaction campaigns on Cable TV nationwide, including Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, but services are also provided for satellite channels and radio. Under their umbrella is a production house as well and BTL services are also extended to clients.

With the major strength being providing value-added services to clients whether small or large scale, the media group studies all products and services in depth and then proposes a plan through defined parameters that are in accordance with their needs. Moreover, investments are made on buying, as a result of which value additions are made possible for all clients, not to mention the highly experienced team of professionals that makes the job quite immaculate.

The cable industry is also one of the mediums where the rating of in-house channels is very prominent and cannot be ignored. Being a part of the cable industry, Kundanz thoroughly analyzes the services and products of all clients so as to offer the best option according to their requirements, which are cost-effective and efficient.


Kundanz’s target market varies from the corporate sector to retailers and from giant advertising agencies to SME organizations. Cable TV caters to all players of the market and is an intrinsic need of all clients because of its viewership versus economical costs compared to the electronic medium and cable network advertisements can be made at the micro level and the city and area can be selected accordingly.


Cable operators have also evolved these past few years and have adopted new technology and equipment for their in-house channels and have also started digital TV with analog, meanwhile also providing HD content to provide an even more entertaining experience to their viewers.


Today we are in the position to check ratings of the in-house channels through rating companies as cable advertising budgets are increasing every year and special advertising budgets are being allocated to cable advertising. Eventually, cable network companies, advertisers and media buyers in the industry are gradually accepting the idea of advertising on cable. Media buying agencies like Kundanz Media do suggest their clients advertise through cable also considering that it is growing exceptionally well.

It can be easily said that the increase in the mediums of advertising has generally seen a rise in advertising budgets and despite the prominence of the digital medium playing a pivotal role, the share of advertising on cable TV remains unaffected. Therefore, cable TV has a long way to go which will transform into Digital TV with HD content. Moreover, ratings of In-House Channels should be available with much better sample rates after transformation into Digital TV, and Digital TV Revolution in Cable Network is not far away now.




A software engineer by education, Zarbakht started his professional journey with DIN Media Group, where he reached the position of GM Sales & Marketing in a couple of years. His knack for experimentation has allowed him to enjoy the challenge presented by a diverse career choice allowing him to succeed in his profession.

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